The Fig Never Sleeps…

Back in 1989, a chubby little teenager was hanging out in Caldor (might have been Bradlees, don’t hold me to it) checking out the new music and stumbled across an album from an artist named Biz Markie called “The Biz Never Sleeps”. He took a good long look, not knowing the single “Just a Friend” would become burned into his memory a short time later. He walked away thinking to himself, ‘Everyone sleeps, who the Hell is so busy that they don’t sleep’. Now, if I had a time machine, it would appear in front of that kid and I would step out and slap that kid across the face and scream, “Buy BitCoin!” before getting back into the time machine and returning to the present. This offseason has come so fast and so furious, that sleep has been a luxury. Of course the kid in the story was me and was absolutely 100% true. I had no idea back then that you could get so involved in a business, even one that’s a hobby, that sleep would be difficult to find, but here we are.

Since recording on Wednesday, Ryan Grant failed his physical and inadvertently voided his contract with Baltimore, Doug Martin and Jordy Nelson landed in Oakland, Michael Crabtree was let go by Oakland, ASJ went to Jacksonville and Ed Dickson replaced Jimmy Graham in Seattle. Its been non-stop. There is so much to discuss that we haven’t had time to discuss the guys who are still out there and there are a couple names out there to consider. So here is my Burning Hot Take Questions on free agency:

  1. What about the ‘old’ Running Backs? The following Running backs all have two things in common; they are both free agents and at least 30 years old: DeMarco Murray, Daren Sproles, Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson, Danny Woodhead, Jamaal Charles and LaGarette Bount. That’s not every 30 year old running back, just the ones that were actually fantasy relevant in the last three years. There is no way all of these guys land a team in 2018, too many names, not enough slots. Some of them are gonna be forced into retirement and sadly Adrian Peterson is likely gonna be one of them. I hope I’m wrong but did we ever think we would see a day where a list of great players like this would be without teams in the free agency period?
  2. Where are all the Quarterbacks? With Cousins, Bradford and Keenum coming off the market on day one, theres literally no one else available. Osweiler? Cassel? Gabbert? None of these guys are game changers, so at this point, teams looking for help at QB must be focused on the draft. At least I think so. I gotta think that with the lack of depth, we might see a few no names emerge into fantasy relevance this year.
  3. Can I get a Guard please? If you watched curling during the Olympics (I love curling, I actually play at the club level), you learned the value of guards in the game. Guards are the stones outside the rings that block access for the other team. They are essential in curling and they are apparently essential in Offensive Lines. Of the 12 biggest O-Line contracts so far, eight have been guards. It looks to me that teams are really bulking up on offensive lines.

That’s it for now, I’m sure theres gonna be a tone more to discuss. In the meantime we are working diligently to bring you as much info and fantasy impact as possible.Thnaks for listening!

Author: fignutsdfs

Just a couple of guys who love fantasy football and love sharing their knowledge with the world. Also love Beer! You gotta have beer!

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