What You (Hopefully) Learned from Week 3 DFS

Week 3 was wild. I’m holding off declaring victory or admitting defeat until tomorrow. As usual a couple plays came out ahead and a couple disappointed (really, Tom Brady? Really?). But I had a really good week and it was because of making two really smart value decisions and sorting out the hype on the others.  Continue reading “What You (Hopefully) Learned from Week 3 DFS”

Week 3 DraftKings Value Plays

Week 2 kind of stunk. I came up a couple bucks short of breakeven but only one of my four value picks came through. Antonio Brown disappointed, but that game sure didn’t, I just targeted the wrong guys while targeting the right game. So without further ado, here are my value plays for Week 3.

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Week 2 DK Value plays

So we had a decent first week. We cashed in our pools and four of our six recommended plays from last week made 3x value, so week 1 was good. Onward to week 2. Remember I may list a bunch of names, the ones in bold are my recommendations for the week to consider and remember these are value offerings, they are designed to save you money to use on your studs.

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