What the Hell Happened: An Apology and Schedule Adjustment

During episode 50, I promised a special episode previewing Best Ball and outlining my 2018 draft plan…. well that didn’t happen. Shockingly, people asked me about it, I knew we had people who listened faithfully every week, what I didn’t know was they actually [aid attention to my episode forecasting. So with the episode delayed or cancelled, I felt I owed you all an explanation.  Continue reading “What the Hell Happened: An Apology and Schedule Adjustment”

Podcast #50 – WR & TE Early Rankings and Stuff!

The guys complete the first season of the podcast by discussing the early WR and TE rankings and setting up season two. We will discuss the Edelman suspension and its fairness. Are there any TEs left on Continue reading “Podcast #50 – WR & TE Early Rankings and Stuff!”

Britt’s Early Projections: Tight Ends

The fourth installment in my early rankings is here. Ironically, I’ll be updating them all in a week or two in prep for the redraft season. But for now, here is my TE ranks. Let’s start off by saying  Continue reading “Britt’s Early Projections: Tight Ends”

Britt’s Early Projections: Wide Receivers

So far we’ve evaluated my top QBs and RBs in earlier posts, now its time to take a look at the wide outs, arguably the most important part of a fantasy team in recent meta-gaming. I remember a time where a ‘zero RB’ attempt would be absolutely useless, but in the current market, more and more folks are relying on the pass catchers for their fantasy points, so let’s dive in. Remember these are early projections and will likely change as we get closer to the season. Continue reading “Britt’s Early Projections: Wide Receivers”

Podcast #49 – Jackpot Rankings

The guys are back and the camps are heating up. Will the drama in New Enlgand effect the Patriot machine? Are IPAs the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the beer world? What the Hell does ‘Our a$$ is in the Jackpot’ mean? Do the Julio Jones & David Johnson holdouts effect fantasy value? Is Antonio Brown right to Continue reading “Podcast #49 – Jackpot Rankings”

Britt’s Early Projections: Running Backs

We are back for the second leg of our early rankings. On Tuesday, we took a look at the top ten Quarterbacks, today we will look at the top twenty running backs. As we will be doing more in depth analysis later, I’ll talk a little about the top ten and then list 11-20. Here we go!

Continue reading “Britt’s Early Projections: Running Backs”

Britt’s Early Projections: QB’s

Nothing says ‘Fantasy Football season is coming!’ like projections. The three months period where we evaluate, calculate and overthink every possible addition to our teams is one of my favorite of the yer. So, as Season 1 of the Football Fignuts Podcast draws to a close, here are my early season top tens by position. We start with QB. I’ll detail my thoughts about the top 5 and then brush upon 6-10. Continue reading “Britt’s Early Projections: QB’s”