Podcast 24 – The Triggered Episode

What happens in a week where the Chiefs and Bengals both lose ugly games, multiple players get suspended and the guys had a bad week in DFS? You’re about to find out. The guys are TRIGGERED this week by all the insanity of Week 13 and they have to find a way to get through it all Continue reading “Podcast 24 – The Triggered Episode”

Podcast #23 – Get me a Diet Coke!

This week on the podcast its an airing of grievances about the New York Giants! Are the Giants the new Bengals? We ponder Josh Gordon’s future and remember he is still a Cleveland Brown. What’s up with John Gruden? Is he the new John Madden? We answer the question…What Quarterback would you pick if your life was on the line. Then back Continue reading “Podcast #23 – Get me a Diet Coke!”

Week 12 Sunday/Monday Preview

Thanksgiving is behind us, as is my mystery illness which has made it pretty much impossible for me to think long enough to write the last two weeks. I have discovered that when I’m not well, I can still tweet though and I’ve connected with many of you that way. But I’m back and there is a lot of interesting value plays this week. Let’s jump in to Week 12!  Continue reading “Week 12 Sunday/Monday Preview”

Week 9 DFS Preview: Britt vs. The Metric

The article is late this week because of life, so we will skip over the terrible Thursday game that I advised skipping via Twiter yesterday. I made a few minor changes to the Metric’s prediction systems and here is what I like in Week 9 and what the system says we should use. We do not always agree and this week it highlights pretty clearly. Continue reading “Week 9 DFS Preview: Britt vs. The Metric”