Week 7 DFS breakdown: Alert Level: Crazy Cat Lady

I seriously want to put on a housecoat, walk around with bag full of cats and just mumble incoherently. Week 7 was that bad. This entire season has been hit or miss, I did ok in a couple of lineups thanks to guys like Elliott and Ginn, but I didn’t really talk about them in the article, the guys I used from the article were overall terrible and this entire season has been like that, its been difficult to predict in the cash game, but I’m not giving up! I actually still have a chance with the Monday night game to have a profitable week, that being said, let’s cover where we got it right and where we got it wrong. Continue reading “Week 7 DFS breakdown: Alert Level: Crazy Cat Lady”

Week 7 DFS with Thursday Preview

If you read the week 6 recap, you know I was thrilled with the results. The majority (10 of 16) recommended players made value and I fully expect that trend to continue this week. But before I get into the predictions, a quick reminder about how this system works. This system is designed to identify value players in DraftKings. That means players with high point projections and low salaries. If you can find two or three solid values and then fill in the lineup with guys who are regular producers, you win in cash games. That is the whole idea, save money on certain guys that allows you to spend up in other places. So keep in mind that hitting on 10 of 16 is really really good. You wont see a lot of posts on Leveon Bell or Rob Gronkowski here because their salary will always be too high to be recommended value plays. That doesn’t mean you cant use those guys, it just means you have to pay attention to where you can save salary money first.

All that being said, here is what I see for Week 7.  Continue reading “Week 7 DFS with Thursday Preview”

Week 6 DFS: Threat Level – Hank Scorpio

One of the most memorable ‘one and done’ appearances in Simpsons history is Homer’s new boss Hank Scorpio. He is an amazingly charming man who is all about the people who work for him, only it turns out he is a super villain bent on destruction – that was week 6. Week 6 was very good to me but Continue reading “Week 6 DFS: Threat Level – Hank Scorpio”

Britt LOVES Thursdays…Wait, What?

I love Thursday nights! Have I mentioned how much I love Thursday night games? The early start, setting your season long lineup early, having to make a call on a questionable guy scheduled to play on a Monday and your back up plays Thursday so you HAVE to make a call? Thursday nights rock! Yeah, even I can’t buy that line, I still hate Thursday night, except this week! This week there are plays to be made, so let’s dive in. Continue reading “Britt LOVES Thursdays…Wait, What?”

Week 4 DFS Update – Threat Level: Smithers

Waylon Smithers has always been one of those characters you just can’t figure out. Fiercely loyal to the most evil man in Springfield, C. Montgomery Burns, but with a moral compass that shines through when needed. He has defied his boss openly on Continue reading “Week 4 DFS Update – Threat Level: Smithers”