Week 9 DFS Preview: Britt vs. The Metric

The article is late this week because of life, so we will skip over the terrible Thursday game that I advised skipping via Twiter yesterday. I made a few minor changes to the Metric’s prediction systems and here is what I like in Week 9 and what the system says we should use. We do not always agree and this week it highlights pretty clearly. Continue reading “Week 9 DFS Preview: Britt vs. The Metric”

Week 8 Results – Panic Level: Screaming Homer

This week was terrible! I didn’t cash, injuries to Hogan, Freeman and Reed (while not unexpected) were all crushing. So this week, I’m channeling Homer Screaming. There is an episode in which Homer is hypnotized and uncovers a terrible repressed memory, he spends the next several minutes screaming constantly and uncontrollably. That is me this week. So in between my screams, let’s see how the Metric did. Continue reading “Week 8 Results – Panic Level: Screaming Homer”

Week 8 DFS Picks (Including Thursday Flyover)

Lots of interesting options this week in DFS, so let’s start by dismissing the one game, no one should touch in anyway, shape or form. Seriously, if you want to cash this week, stay out of this game altogether, there will be someone with value but I’m not liking it at all, so I’m urging folks to stay out of this game. Continue reading “Week 8 DFS Picks (Including Thursday Flyover)”