What the Hell Happened: An Apology and Schedule Adjustment

During episode 50, I promised a special episode previewing Best Ball and outlining my 2018 draft plan…. well that didn’t happen. Shockingly, people asked me about it, I knew we had people who listened faithfully every week, what I didn’t know was they actually [aid attention to my episode forecasting. So with the episode delayed or cancelled, I felt I owed you all an explanation. 

So on Wednesday June 27th, I arrived at Craig’s studio to record. We were psyched. We were going to do a Best Ball overview, talk about ADP, draft strategies I’d learned in mock drafts, and we had the time and data storage to go as long as we wanted to. We could have done a two hour special episode if we really wanted and we had a ton to talk about. We were rolling along, episode was going great, and then I looked over at my phone and it lights up with my wife’s name. She never texts me during recording, ever. She knows that we focus and have a lot going on around us in the studio area, so she restricts causing any distraction, so for her to text, its epic. I grab the phone and find out we have a minor family emergency going on. We have a stranded family member who need medical attention. So I make the throat gesture at Craig, you know that one that will get you a flag for taunting in the NFL, and tell him we gotta reschedule and tell him what she wrote. He understands and I fly out of there. Fortunately, we resolve the emergency, everyone is fine and safe, but the evening is lost.

What has followed has been a comedy of errors. I work in an office position, Craig works in retail. I work primarily during the day, Craig works mostly at night; this is a problem. We keep in contact but ultimately realize, we are not going to be able to get back to the studio before next week, which is scheduled for July 4th. Thats when he gets the call that he is expected at a picnic that evening, we won’t be able to record on the 4th. Two days later, Craig texts me to let me know he has to leave town to support a family member on his side that is having a medical procedure, the procedure is on July 11th. So essentially, three straight weeks of recording is shot.

So I did what anyone in my position would do, I poured (not pored) over his schedule and found a time on Saturday the 7th, where we were both available. This way if he cannot record on the 11th we are not absent for three straight weeks.

So I apologize for the lack of podcasts the last two weeks, its really a result of just family needs, both urgent and scheduled, and I think we would all agree those take priority.

So what is next? Well we will record on Saturday and release as soon as we can master the file. Probably Monday morning. Then if the family obligation kills our recording on the 11th, it wont be the end of the world. If we can, we record as usual on the 11th and get back on track, we will let everyone know as soon as we know.

We thank all of you who listen regularly and look forward to bringing you new content very soon.

Author: fignutsdfs

Just a couple of guys who love fantasy football and love sharing their knowledge with the world. Also love Beer! You gotta have beer!

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