Week 7 DFS breakdown: Alert Level: Crazy Cat Lady

I seriously want to put on a housecoat, walk around with bag full of cats and just mumble incoherently. Week 7 was that bad. This entire season has been hit or miss, I did ok in a couple of lineups thanks to guys like Elliott and Ginn, but I didn’t really talk about them in the article, the guys I used from the article were overall terrible and this entire season has been like that, its been difficult to predict in the cash game, but I’m not giving up! I actually still have a chance with the Monday night game to have a profitable week, that being said, let’s cover where we got it right and where we got it wrong.

Homes Runs (5x+): None. Not a single guy in my article last week made it to the exceptional line. Some guys got close, but no one made it over.

Value Plays (3x -4.9x): We had some action here. Bortles (4.3x), Tyrod Taylor (3.9x), Cousins (4.3x) Doyle (3x) and the Titans DST (3.5x), all provided value. If you used 3 of these 5 guys in your lineup, it likely left you enough money to look for some big chalk at RB, which is where the points were. I did not think Zeke would make value, Hell, I wasn’t even sure if he would play, it changes every five minutes. If you used these guy and snuck McCoy and Elliott into your lineup, you think I’m a genius right now. Notice how easily the QBs are making value these days? It’s a trend we will discuss in the podcast.

Noarmal (2x -2.9x): This is where most players SHOULD fall, but this week only Robert Woods (2.8x) ended up here. His role is increasing but its increasing so exponentially that the salary will likely keep up and he wont be a recommended play again. We will see when the salaries come out this week, but at least he didn’t kill you like…..

Missed Value (0.1x – 1.9x): Too many names here this week. Gore (0.8x) turned in his worst point total of the year and his second straight week of less than 10 points. Its likely we are finally seeing his decline, but we will watch, slides like this usually turn up in the salaries and if he slides down to like 3500 and a favorable matchup emerges, I may chase him again. AJ Green (0.8x), man, he has historically been really really really good against the Steelers and he just did nothing. I did not see this game but reading the box score, it was ugly. A lot of guys were on Green, he was highly owned, so at least I have some company in the misery department. Austin Hooper (0.4x), everytime Sanu plays, Hooper suffers, going forward, I will not recommend Hooper if Sanu is healthy, it adds a level to the check down and makes him virtually unusable. Finally, the Broncos DST (0.9x), this should have been a big day for them, they shut down Gordon and all they needed to do was control the pass and they flopped on it. Doctson (1.8x) also missed value but looked more active, so that’s a plus. Again, a lot of ‘experts’ missed on these so I’m sorry I was on the train but I think this is another example of how weird the year has been.

So I gave you a total of 12 names to potentially use and 5 of them made value, that’s not very good, but like I said this season has been very unusual. In one cash game this weekend, I cashed with a 114 score, that’s super low and tells me that there are a lot of disappointed players out there. Hope you made it through the mess of injuries and poor performances in week 7 so we can get ready for week 8.

Author: fignutsdfs

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