My furby will not shut up…

So you heard the Episode 10 of the Podcast and you heard I was drinking a ZIMA… YA HEARD ME! That’s right, I took a trip back in time to the 90s. There was no social media, (well no there was AOL Instant Messanger) to worry about and you still needed actual change to make a call. It was a simpler time then kids. Limp Bizkit was ready to break stuff for some nookie, Nirvana had some Teen Spirit (yes it’s named after a deodorant), The Juice was loose, The Simpsons, Seinfeld and South Park ruled and people in college drank cheap beer and a new citrus drink called ZIMA between Mario Kart races. It was a clear malt beverage with a citrus twist. It was kinda like an alcoholic Sprite. Some even used to put Now & Laters in it change the flavor. And then as fast as the 90s left us so did ZIMA. Other drinks came later like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and others but it wasn’t the same. Flash ahead to today and surprise surprise ZIMA is back! For a limited time but it is back! They even made a My Space looking page for it.(It’s early 00’s but it’s almost 90s)  So I bought a 6 pack for the hell of it. It actually taste better than I remember with a more citrus flavor and a darker look. It’s fine to have for a lighter drink. I can probably only drink two at the most in one sitting because it’s still kinda sweet for me. Britt has mocked me but thats nothing new, I enjoyed it! I may get one more 6 back before it’s gone again.

Now someone get me a 56K modem, a burlap poncho, a hacky sac, the sound track to Pulp Fiction and a ZIMA and I’ll be in my time machine… Yea. I’d go back.

ZIMA – 3/5



Author: fignutsdfs

Just a couple of guys who love fantasy football and love sharing their knowledge with the world. Also love Beer! You gotta have beer!

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