How Low Can Zeke Go (In Drafts)?

Craig and I have set up a pretty simple routine for our podcast. We record Wednesdays, proof and master on Thursday and then its scheduled for release every Friday morning at 7 AM local. Once an episode is scheduled for release, I usually sit back and give the weekend to let things develop, check out the preseason games and get caught up on news. This week, the NFL laughed in my face and crushed my dreams of a day or two off by blowing up not one, not two, but THREE rosters in a matter of hours.

So how do the trades and suspension effect things? Well lets just got through them one by one and see what we think:

Ezekiel Elliott's six game suspension absolutely effects his value. How much it effects his value is a matter of some discussion. The first thing is how many games he will actually serve this season? He has already indicated his intention to appeal and if we learned anything from Deflategate, its that these things can take months and months. In the meantime, Elliott has the right to play while his appeal is heard. I personally believe that the NFL wants to make an example of Elliott and warn younger players and players who might get into a domestic violence situation. Guilt is irrelevant to the NFL, appearance is what gets a suspension and Elliott has not helped himself throughout the process. I believe the NFL intended to level a six game suspension and then reduce it to four for future expectations in terms of punishment. That may not sound like a lot but in terms of compensation and potential impact on career, its quite a bit. So if he is out, how far do you downgrade him. I've seen him drop from his spot at 3rd among RBs to as far down as 12th behind Isaiah Crowell. I'm personally dropping him to 10th in my rankings right behind DeMarco Murray. If he is reduced to four games, I'll bump him up to 7th and as high as 5th if they go down to two games. I expect he will become a bargain in a lot of drafts. Whether you think the suspension is fair or unfair, light or heavy; I think we all agree that we hope players take notice and realize they must be better aware of their behavior for their safety and the safety of others, its time to put an end to the nonsense behavior we are seeing here.

I'm still taking in the effects of the Watkins and Mathews trades, but I'm not really happy about either of them. I'll do some more research and write more on that soon.

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