Britt LOVES Thursdays…Wait, What?

I love Thursday nights! Have I mentioned how much I love Thursday night games? The early start, setting your season long lineup early, having to make a call on a questionable guy scheduled to play on a Monday and your back up plays Thursday so you HAVE to make a call? Thursday nights rock! Yeah, even I can’t buy that line, I still hate Thursday night, except this week! This week there are plays to be made, so let’s dive in. Continue reading “Britt LOVES Thursdays…Wait, What?”

Week 4 DFS Update – Threat Level: Smithers

Waylon Smithers has always been one of those characters you just can’t figure out. Fiercely loyal to the most evil man in Springfield, C. Montgomery Burns, but with a moral compass that shines through when needed. He has defied his boss openly on Continue reading “Week 4 DFS Update – Threat Level: Smithers”

The Guys Weigh in on the Protests

This past week, the NFL became a more political topic than any time we can remember. There is more than enough material on this topic to fill a podcast, but we will not do so this week and this statement is going to be our only comment on the matter until further notice.

We started The Football Fignuts because we love football, we love fantasy football and we wanted a platform to share what we love. We did this to Continue reading “The Guys Weigh in on the Protests”