Podcast #243 – TE Extravaganza & Watson Fallout

Just when you tihkn the guys will actually devote time to previewing TE, K & DST …. The Deshaun Watson ruling comes down. Was it enough? What should it have been? What will it be upon appeal? Will Britt ever stop screaming about Continue reading “Podcast #243 – TE Extravaganza & Watson Fallout”

Podcast #50 – WR & TE Early Rankings and Stuff!

The guys complete the first season of the podcast by discussing the early WR and TE rankings and setting up season two. We will discuss the Edelman suspension and its fairness. Are there any TEs left on Continue reading “Podcast #50 – WR & TE Early Rankings and Stuff!”

Britt’s Early Projections: Tight Ends

The fourth installment in my early rankings is here. Ironically, I’ll be updating them all in a week or two in prep for the redraft season. But for now, here is my TE ranks. Let’s start off by saying  Continue reading “Britt’s Early Projections: Tight Ends”