Podcast #264 – Super Wild Conspiracy Weekend

JK Dobbins is sending secret messages to the Ravens organization. Joey Bosa has evidence that referees are laughing at him in the locker room. Maher is point shaving by intentionally missing kicks. Now, the traditional Continue reading “Podcast #264 – Super Wild Conspiracy Weekend”

Podcast #220 – Wildcard Weekend: How Did We Get Here?

The guys have survived the regular season and are here to discuss wildcard weekend! Who is prime for an upset? Who can you use in DFS. What coach didnt Continue reading “Podcast #220 – Wildcard Weekend: How Did We Get Here?”

Podcast #30 – NFL Drama & Surprises

Couple days late but we’re back on track! We think anyway. We discuss the shocking win the Minnesota Vikings had over the New Orleans Saints and what the hell is going to happen to New England Patriots and the Pittsburg Stealers next year with all the Continue reading “Podcast #30 – NFL Drama & Surprises”

Podcast #29 – How Do You Score That?!

The Fignuts are back to review the first round of the NFL playoffs and talk about round 2. What the hell is happening in Kansas City and in the Chiefs front office?! The Triplette Effect – we need full time refs in the NFL! Marcus Mariota throws a touchdown to… Continue reading “Podcast #29 – How Do You Score That?!”